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The perverse and the innocent meet to form a twisted narrative in ColorOrgy’s works. Based in Phoenix, Arizona – the painter and illustrator blends the aesthetics of traditional values with provocative imagery to deconstruct the American dream. Finding inspiration in the pulp-fiction paperbacks and advertising design of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, ColorOrgy’s work mix vibrant hues with equal parts of dark humor and irony to explore the cynical side of childhood, romance and gender roles in a changing society while simultaneously holding them in high esteem.

Recently ColorOrgy has begun to explore his love for minimalism, geometric design and op art with a series of works based on elements of nature but with a modern, vibrant and abstract approach.

ColorOrgy is the working name of Phoenix, AZ painter and illustrator Scott Wolf. He’s shown in Los Angeles, Denver, New York, Sydney and London among others and hIs works are part of collections in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Sydney and Dubai.


“Emerging to Established – Year 6”

  • Jan 6th – Feb 26th
  • New York, NY
  • Krause Gallery

“Muses of Mount Helikon IV”

  • 11/04/16
  • Denver, CO
  • Helikon Gallery

“Pinzilla II”

  •  09/24/16
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Stupid Krap


  •  05/06/16
  • {9} The Gallery
  • {9} The Gallery

“Intersections of (-isms)”

  •  03/04/16
  • Live On Central

“Square 16”

  •  12/04/15
  • The Liquor Gallery
  • The Liquor Gallery

“Tiny Works, Tiny Dances”

  •  01/29/16
  • {9} The Gallery
  • {9} The Gallery

“Out of Line”

  •  11/06/15
  • Public Image


  •  06/05/15
  • MonOrchid Gallery

“Pop, Prints & More!”

  •  10/04/2014
  • Willo North Gallery

“For The Birds”

  •  04/04/14
  • R. Pela Contemporary

“Holy Daze”

  •  12/06/13
  • MonOrchid Gallery


  •  10/1713
  • SOCA Gallery


  •  09/06/13
  • Willo North Gallery


ColorOrgy Hijacks Gender Norms

Vice Magazine: Creators – #50StatesofArt

The Arizona artist uses bright colors and kitsch to masque an otherwise subversive agenda.

ColorOrgy – Various Works

Bizarre Beyond Belief

Investigating the process of expectations, ColorOrgy explores the relationship of daily life with popular culture and mass media.

The Twisted Narrative of ColorOrgy

Upper Playground

Mesa-based painter and digital manipulator Scott Wolf (aka ColorOrgy) blends perversion with pop culture, creating a twisted take on Americana with the help of violence and sexuality.

ColorOrgy: When The Pop-Bourgeois Style Becomes Irreverent

Urban Contest Magazine

ColorOrgy is surrealism, irony and provocation; It is a succession of scenes scandalous disguised as an elegant bearing, middle-class comforts.

Pop Art With A Dark Heart

Hunger Magazine

The perverse and the innocent meet to form a twisted narrative in Scott Wolf’s (aka ColorOrgy) pop art pieces.  Based in Phoenix, Arizona – the illustrator and painter blends the aesthetics of traditional values with provocative imagery to deconstruct the American dream.

100 Creatives 2016: ColorOrgy on the Problem with Being Phoenix-Centric

Phoenix New Times

As noms de guerre go, ColorOrgy’s wears like candy-apple red on a pin-up’s lips. The Mesa native, formerly known as Scott Wolf, is known for disorienting paintings that take cartoonish midcentury imagery and twist them into sexualized horror shows…

Illustrations of our society that is only interested in sex and eating.

Collective Culture

The [artwork of] ColorOrgy demonstrate the seriousness with which all after what opens the doors of sexual pleasure, or at least of voyeurism, of course, goes hand in hand with the first, and the mass consumerism, express and useless…

Best Low Brow Artist 2015

Phoenix New Times

Remember when the tornado sent Dorothy flying over the rainbow, transporting her from a world of black and white to one of quirky technicolor? That’s exactly how we felt when we first laid eyes on the highly saturated and subtly sinister work of ColorOrgy.

Artist Scott Wolf Tells Us About Weird Turkish Films



David Linnz: Where are you from?Scott Wolf: Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. With a ten year stint in Chicago.
David Linnz: What landed you in Chicago for those 10 years?Scott Wolf: It’s a long story full of drama and deception, I’ll leave it at that. It usually takes a couple dates before I tell that story.

Soggy notes from First Friday, June 5, 2015

Explore Art: Phoenix

Next door in monOrchid‘s main gallery, local painter ColorOrgy injected some twisted humor into my evening: his stencils on wood panel are part of a show called “Layers,”

10 Cool Things We Saw In Downtown Phoenix During June’s First Friday

Phoenix New Times

Twisted Americana

At Shade Gallery inside monOrchid, we enjoyed seeing works by both ColorOrgy and DadSocks, who use stencils to create works with social commentary that’s sometimes subtle, but more often not. Our favorites included pieces by ColorOrgy that blend iconic imagery reflecting various trappings of the American dream with a twisted sense of humor that conveys a more honest assessment of American impulses towards greed and sexuality. The show continues through June 25.

Artist Spotlight On Scott Wolf

Arizona Foothills Magazine

Looking through ColorOrgy’s paintings, one can sense his love of graphic design with his use sharp lines and bold colors. There is a sharp wit and a surprising humor to each piece such as with “Allergic Salute” or “Hybrid (cameraphone)”. ColorOrgy’s artwork will engage your senses with neon colors, bold lines, and humorous subjects while you explore his whimsical and twisted world.

SICK… Ready To Check Out New Exhibition At Willo North Gallery

Arizona Local Revibe

Looking at ColorOrgy’s paintings, one can sense his love of graphic design with his use sharp lines and bold colors, but will be surprised by the humor in each piece